We create intelligent lessons and use
witty didactical materials

Quality in Education

Montessori VS traditional

We adapt the educational process to suit
the child’s individual character

Personalized Education

Montessori VS traditional

Montessori brings results because
it is based on child’s own
natural curiosity

Efficient Pedagogy

Montessori VS traditional

We lay foundations for lifetime values

We embrace individuality, we strengthen self-confidence,
and we build independence and self-control

About us

iKids is a Montessori educational center for
preschoolers aged 1.5 – 6.

We are a small-size, family-style educational center. We only accept a limited number of children. This way, we can take good care of each child.

We offer high quality education.

Our educational facility is located in a cozy house, situated in a central but quiet area.

We have a friendly, family-like environment.

Our children are calm. They are attentive and perceptive. They know how to behave themselves.

Our children take part in all everyday activities. We teach them to help in all aspects of the everyday life: we prepare breakfast together, children lay the table before meals, they lay their bed before sleeping, they pick their didactical materials and put them back when the class has finished. They help each other, like in a large family.

Here we raise children to become autonomous and sensible. We want them to have happy souls and open minds.

We conceive activities to cultivate their creativity, develop their attention span and their reasoning.

Exposure to two languages (English and Romanian), opens their horizon and sharpens their mind.

Our objective is to form them:

  • Joyful, sociable, healthy children who are keen to learn
  • Responsible children who are able to act autonomously
  • Children well prepared to enter school


We offer authentic Montessori education

The efficiency of the Montessori pedagogy is well known.
Children in the UK Royal Family – Prince William, Prince Harry and now Prince George – have all attended Montessori kindergarten.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Literature Nobel Prize Laureate, Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google founders, were formed at Montessori kindergartens.

What makes this teaching method so successful is its scientific approach to education. It was created and developed based on study rather then on empiricism, by a physician, Maria Montessori. She carefully observed children’s behavior. She watched how children’s various emotional states impact their ability to absorb knowledge. Further, she noticed the differences in quantity and quality of knowledge that is absorbed, depending on each child’s personality and current mood.
On contrast, the traditional methods of teaching are not based on scientific research, but emerged empirically, out of the necessity to pass information to younger generations. It is a standardized transfer, which does not care for individual capacity of absorption of each child.

We teach in English

Our program is bilingual, in English and Romanian.
The major advantage of bilingual exposure is the development it brings about in child’s intelligence.
It is scientifically proven that children who grow-up in bilingual environments (e.g. parents of different nationalities), not only gain fluency in both languages, but become more quick-witted. The challenge to learn and distinguish between two languages simultaneously increases their wits.

We lay the Foundation for a Lifetime

The Montessori method shapes strong personalities.
We encourage the children to express themselves freely.
We listen to what they have to say.
We ask them to tell everybody what they learned, every day.
This approach helps the child gain self-confidence, develop sociability skills and become communicative.

A Montessori-educated child will become a sensible person, not afraid to put his/her mind to work.
His active involvement in the educational process is a stimulus for the child’s intelligence.

Freedom of choice, the liberty to pick the activity, which is characteristic to Montessori educational system, pushes the child to take initiative. The result is that the child becomes independent and responsible.

The activities which we make with children are conceived to form habits that help them become autonomous, self-sustaining, reasonable and self-disciplined.

Living close to Nature

Sunshine, rain and snow – they are all part of our world. Kids know best how to make the most out of every season, be it jumping around in puddles, or a snowball fight full of laughs.
Our garden is not only a playground, but also a place where the kids come closer to and get accustomed with Mother Nature.
Here we seed and take care of different plants.
On sunny days we go outside into the park, learn how to tell the trees by their leaves, learn the language of the birds and the ways of nature.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

At iKids, we combine intellectual activities with physical education.
The children have gymnastics and dancing classes, in our gym-hall.
Classes are followed by outdoor breaks in our garden.

Personalized Education

The teacher carefully observes each child and adapts the program to his/her personality and current mood. With patience, skill and wittiness, the child makes step-by-step progresses and surpasses each obstacle.

Balanced Diet

We put a lot of care into the food we serve our kids.
Our menu is put together by a nutritionist. The food is freshly cooked, made of natural ingredients, which make up the ideal amount of calories for the kids.
We pick fruit and vegetables that are in season for each time of the year, use whole grain products and add seeds and nuts, as well as dehydrated fruit to the meals. Instead of white sugar, we use honey, cane sugar and stevia or agave nectar.

Clever Teaching Materials

We use didactic materials that have been intelligently designed to assist in child’s development.
Each material was conceived to develop a specific skill.
The materials are auto-corrective: while playing, the child can figure out when s/he is wrong and can auto-correct.

Teacher accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale

Our principal graduated Montessori Education in Belgium and has been practicing as Montessori Kindergarten Teacher in Brussels, Paris and Vienna.