iKids education aims to develop several areas in children

Intellectual development

  • Form an active mind
  • Develop the ability to focus
  • Develop the habit to observe, reason and decide on one’s own
  • Create a sensible perspective on the world
  • Enrich the vocabulary
  • Precise understanding of notions
  • Understanding of units, weighs, volumes
  • Understanding numbers and the decimal system

Emotional development

  • Gain self-confidence
  • Acquire the will to learn. Children will be excited to return to the kindergarten because there they can delve into the activity most appealing to them
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Develop a sense of order

Social development

  • Develop an independent character
  • Gain respect for others
  • Develop initiative and persistency
  • Form leading-features
  • The joy of sharing

Physical development

  • Fine movements of the hands, particularly to prepare the child for writing
  • Movement coordination
  • Exercises designed especially, for each age group

Children learn useful skills for everyday life

  • Hygiene rules
  • Tidiness
  • How to respect a program
  • Useful activities in everyday life: tying shoelaces, buttoning buttons, washing cups, laying the table cloth, placing flowers in a vase, etc.