Food Menu

Our menu is specially created for children by a nutritionist. Ingredients are attentively selected to create a balanced diet, tasty and nutritionally complete.


Our breakfast is made in-house and consists of whole grains, whole grain or graham bread, dairy products, raw or dried fruit and vegetables.
We make fresh juices of oranges, apples, carrots, beetroots and other seasonal fruit or vegetables.
We make shakes based on fruit such as banana, berries, apple with caju- or almond-milk.
On Thursdays we usually bake with children: muffins, waffles or we make American pancakes.
We avoid processed meats.
In lieu of white sugar, we prefer unrefined cane sugar, honey, stevia, maple syrup or agave syrup.


Lunch is made every day of fresh, natural ingredients. We offer several kinds of bread, of course all without preservatives.
Vegetables are always present on the daily menu.
We avoid fried, heavy meals.

Afternoon snack

The snack can be rice pudding, a cereal bar made of buckwheat, wholegrain corn or other cereals sweetened with honey, raisins, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, or a homemade desert.

  • In order to make sure the children have a sufficient intake of proteins, we alternate between meals based on meat and vegetables such as chickpeas, lentils and beans
  • We use local fruit and vegetable in season
  • We use organic products when possible
  • We keep an eye on allergens, unsaturated fats and the glycemic index
  • We pick produce with an agreeable texture for children
  • Children can take part in preparing the meals
  • Our meals are checked by a laboratory and kept 48 hrs for safety checks
  • The menu is displayed every day in the kindergarten