Montessori Education

The Montessori Education system is designed particularly for young aged children.

At iKids we work for:

  • Harmonious development of the intellectual, emotional, social and physical sides of the child
  • Shaping an independent, self-confident, sociable but responsible personality
  • Forming fundamental traits: observation and reasoning, perseverance, auto-correction, observation of hygiene rules, embracing the challenge to learn and discover
  • Forming the basics for autonomous functioning
  • Gaining the knowledge required for entering school
  • Teaching at iKids is bilingual, in English and Romanian.


At iKids we offer:

    • Quality in pre-school education
    • Day Care = Education under supervision during daytime
    • After School = instructive, educational, sport-oriented and artistic activities, all under supervision, in the afternoon
    • Foreign languages = English + German (soon to restart)
    • Artistic activities = Painting, Music, Theater (upon registration of enough children)
    • Sport activities = Outside and in our gym. Zumba Kids available upon registration of enough children
    • Summer camp = Range of activities during summer holidays


Age of children

  • 1,5 – 6 yrs.



  • Education
    • Language development
    • Math
    • The environment
    • Practical Life
  • Arts
    • Painting
    • Theater (upon registration of enough children): Interpretation / Costume Creation
    • Music and Dance with Mela
  • Sport
    • Inside: gym for kids
    • Outside: games and activities
    • Collaboration with soccer and tennis trainers (not part of our program)
  • Get to know the world around
    • Trips to the park, to the Zoo
  • Foreign languages (Extracurricular)
    • English
    • German (soon to restart)