Welcome to our registration page. Here we present our programs and registration procedures. Should you intend to register your child with our institution, we recommend that you first read our presentation in the Home Page “About Us” and consult the pages referring to Montessori pedagogical principles. Once you comprehend our approach to education and to child care, […]

Welcome to our registration page.

Here we present our programs and registration procedures.
Should you intend to register your child with our institution, we recommend that you first read our presentation in the Home Page “About Us” and consult the pages referring to Montessori pedagogical principles. Once you comprehend our approach to education and to child care, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether this approach suits your expectations.
You are invited to visit us before registration, in order to meet the Teacher who will be assigned with your child.
You may schedule a visit in the page:

Academic year 2020 – 2021
1. Our educational offer
2. Fees and payment schedule
3. Procedures for registration. Admission and beginning of classes. Adjustment.
4. Structure of the School Year
5. Terms and conditions of collaboration


1. Our educational offer

iKids Montessori offers programs for education and care of children aged 1.5 to 6 years. Programs are based on the Montessori principles of education.

Toddlers 1.5 – 3 years 

We take children who are able to walk well independently.

Children who turn 2.5 years before Sep 07 2021 will attend the 3-year-old group.

Current availability = 2 places

Maximum number of children allowed per group = 8

Personnel: 2 educators + 1 caregiver / group

Daily hours of operation:

Short program: 07:30 – 12:30 with lunch (12:00 without lunch)

Long program: 07:30 – 17:00

07:30-09:00 Arrival, medical testing, free activities with teacher

09:00-09:30  Breakfast

09:30-11:30  Educational Activities

11:30-12:00  Activities Outside

12:00-12:30  Lunch

12:30-14:30  Rest

14:30-15:00  Afternoon snack

15:00-16:00  Educational activities

16:00-17:00  Outside activities
Pre-school 3 – 6 ani

Current availability = 3 places

Personnel: 2 educators + 1 caregiver/group

Bilingual education in English and Romanian.

Short program: 07:30 – 13:30 with lunch (13:00 without lunch)

Long program: 07:30 – 17:30

07:30-09:00 Arrival, medical testing, free activities with teacher

09:00-09:30  Breakfast

09:30-12:00  Educational Activities

12:00-13:00  Activities Outside

13:00-13:30  Lunch

13:30-15:00  Rest

15:00-15:30  Afternoon snack

15:30-16:30  Educational activities / Music / Dance / Arts and Crafts /  Deutsch

16:30-17:30  Outside activities


We offer:

Montessori International trained and experienced Teacher, AMI standard

Authentic Montessori didactical materials

Educational curriculum in conformity International Montessori Curriculum approved by Ministry of Education

Constant immersion in English Language

Musical and movement program with specialized instructor

Kindergarten doctor

Collaboration with specialized psychologist for parent and educator counselling

Individual meetings with parents

Extra-curricular optional activities: dance, german language. Cost is not included.

Occasional trips outside the kindergarten: puppet theater, zoo visits, animal farm, horse riding, park, weekend trips. Cost is not included.

Healthy and well-balanced food

Afternoon rest for long program attendance



We give high importance to food.

We intend to provide healthy, seasonal food and to expose the child to a large variety of tastes.

Our menu is conceived to balance meat and veg dishes. Portions are meant to provide the much-needed calories.

We intend to prepare breakfast and snacks together with the children, so they are able tosee and later recognise base ingredients and to perceive the transformation process of ingredients to the ready-food in the plate. For lunch, we use authorized catering.

Example Breakfast:

Monday Semolina w/milk/almond milk, raisins and cinammon.
Tuesday Home-made avocado spread with Graham bread and Mint Tea (mint from our garden)
Wed Yogurt, Honey, Biscuits, Dried cranberries
Thur Boiled eggs, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fruit shake
Friday Peanut butter, jam, graham bread, milk (cow or veg)


Example Meat-based Lunch Menu

Monday Minced meat sour soup
Chicken schnitzel with potatoes
Tuesday Sour soup a-la grec
Calf meatballs with peas
Chicken soup with noodles
Beef stew
Thur Beef sour soup with veggies
Meatballs in tomato sauce w/ mashed potatoes
Friday Green bean soup
Oven Salmon with rice


Example Vegetarian Lunch Menu

Monday Veg cream soup
Oven made french potatoes
Tuesday Wild garlic soup
Lentil stew with potatoes
Wed Thai soup
Vegetarian Pizza
Thur Kohlrabi soup
Spinach soufflé w/ veg roulade
Friday Green bean soup
Lasagna veg  w/mushrooms



Activity rooms

Dining rooms


Large outside green yard


Authentic Montessori teaching materials

Secure access and video-surveillance


Fees for academic year 2020 – 2021

For children who participate during the entire school year:

Registration between 01 July – 31 Aug 2020

Short Program: School fees 1.300 lei/mth;

Long Program: School fees  1.400 lei/mth;

Discount 50 lei/month when payment of full year in four trimester installments.


For children who do not participate during the entire school year:

Short Program: School fees 1.500 lei/month

Long Program: School fees 1.700 lei/month.

Minimum payment installment is one month. Increment of one month each.


In addition to school fees:

Material fees: 10 lei/day. Paid monthly according to presence.

Food cost = 17 lei/day short program, 20 lei/day long program. Paid monthly according to presence. Food cost may be adjusted during school year.


Payment calendar: School fees may be paid monthly or in four installments.

Option 1: payment în 12 monthly installments. Payment must be done before 05 of each month for the active month, starting with the month of registration.

Option 2: payment in 4 installments. Discount 50 lei/mth.
Payment 1 upon registration. Payment 2 no later than 30 Sep 2020. Payment 3 no later than 30 Nov 2020. Payment 4 no later than 01 March 2021.


Discounts: 5%  discount in School Fees for the second child (brother/sister).




1. Program a visit on the internet page
2. Come on the programmed date to visit us
3. Fill-in the registration form and pay the first installment of the school fee.

We will e-mail you instructions and detailed information on what you need to start.

Before the first day of attendance

Prepare (recommended in this order):
– SNF medical exam (pharyngeal exudate)
– Stool bacterial and parasites exams
– Medical leave to enter the children collectivity (Adeverinţă de intrare în colectivitate) issued by pediatrician
– Vaccine history (photocopy)
– Identity cards of parents and birth certificate of child (photocopies)

Initial period of adjustment

The transition from home to nursery or kindergarten should be done smoothly, in a way that does not stress the child. For children, the new environment is unfamiliar in the beginning and so is the presence of other children and of educators.
One of child’s parents must stay with the child in the first days, until the child is becoming comfortable with the new environment.
The time for adjustment can last up to a few weeks. Be prepared to spend this time in the nursery/ kindergarten, along with your child.

COVID – 19 : during pandemic related restrictions, parents’ entrance inside the kindergarten is not allowed.


School year starts Sep 07, 2020 and ends Aug 13, 2021.
Winter holiday Dec 21, 2020 – Jan 03, 2021.

We are open during autumn and spring holidays.


School Year

  • 07 SEP 2020 – 13 AUG 2021

Structure of the program:

  • 1st semester = 07 Sep – 18 Dec 2020.
  • 2nd semester = 03 Jan – 13 Aug 2021.
  • Classes are not held on legal holidays.

Content of the program :

  • Short program offers educational activities based on Montessori pedagogy and outside activities. Long program offers, in addition, rest and afternoon activities.
  • We organize, separately, visits to parks, zoo, library, kids shows, forest, green market, etc. as well as participation to events organized for children. The cost for these activities is not included in the cost of the program and shall be announced for each such event.

Daily schedule:

  • Nursery: Short Program: 07:30-12:30 w/lunch or 12:00 w/out lunch. Long Program : 07:30-17:00
  • Kindergarten: Short Program : 07:30-13:30 w/lunch or 13:00 w/out lunch. Long Program : 07:30-17:30
  • The daily schedule is presented in the internet page
  • During the adjustment period, presence shall be reduced according to the Educator’s instructions.


  • School fee for Short Program is 15.000 lei in the 4 installment payment option or 15.600 lei in the 12 monthly payment option.
  • School fee for Long Program is 16.200 lei in the 4 installment payment option or 16.800 lei in the 12 monthly payment option.
  • In addition to school fees, until the 5th of each month must be paid the fee for materials 10 lei/day and food cost: breakfast 4 lei, morning snack 2 lei, lunch 11 lei, afternoon snack 3 lei.
  • Children who do not participate into the full school year, pay on per-month basis, minimum one month, fees calculated for monthly increments.
    Short program: school fee 1.500 lei/month + materials 10 lei/day + food 17 lei/day.
    Long program: school fee 1.700 lei/mth + materials 10 lei/day + food 20 lei/day.

Registration and enrollment:
To enroll your child into a program, you must fill in and sign an enrollment application and pay the school fee for either one month if you choose monthly payments, or for three months in case you choose trimestrial payments. By enrolling your child into a program, you implicitly agree to our terms and conditions.

Beginning of classes  :
Not later than the first day of attendance, the parent shall present: child’s birth certificate, child’s vaccine certificate, parents’s identity documents – certified photocopies; medical leave to enter the community (adeverinta de intrare in comunitate) issued by child’s family doctor or paediatrician – original; recent coproparasitology, coproculture and  SNF (throat) laboratory results – originals; parent’s declaration regarding child’s allergies, food intolerances and any other notes regarding alimentation, behaviour and program of the child which may be of interest in relating with the child. For the certification of copies, parent shall write on each photocopy: « Conform cu originalul », shall note the date and shall sign.

Initial period of adjustment:
One parent undertakes to be present at the nursery / kindergarten with the child, during the initial period of adjustment. In this initial period, the child will only stay at the nursery/kindergarten for a short time. Parent must obey teacher’s instructions while inside the institution. The maximum period for adjustment is two consecutive weeks calculated from the first day of presence.

COVID – 19 : during pandemic related restrictions, parents’ entrance inside the kindergarten is not allowed.

Access in the institution :

  • Access of children is between 07:30 – 08:50. We close the door at 09:00.
  • Access of parents is allowed only at the arrival and at the departure of children, excepting when special events organized by kindergarten require parents’ presence. During the initial period of adjustment, parents shall be in the institution for the entire period of child’s presence.
  • Parents shall obey teacher’s instructions during the entire period they are inside the institution.

Parents are requested to inform the person responsible with food provisions and the teacher :
– The child’s absence, until at latest 08:00 a.m. in the day the child is absent. Absence not announced means meal paid.
– The return of child, until at latest 08:00 a.m. in the day of return. Return not announced means loss of food in that day.
Absent days are not deducted from the school tax.

Parent must announce immediately the nursery/kindergarten management and the teacher in case he/she notices symptoms of any disease in the child.
The institution is equally responsible to announce the parent immediately when noticing any sign of disease in child. Parent, once noticed, undertakes to take the child to a doctor for an examination.

Sick children are not allowed in the class.
Upon return of the child, following healing, parent must bring the leave to enter community issued by the doctor (adeverința de re-intrare în colectivitate emisă de medic).

Responsabilities :
The institution is responsible for supervising the child during the interval when the child is present in the location and/or participates in an event organized by the institution.
The institution is responsible for respecting the written instructions of the parent in what regards food, program, clothing and behaviour of the child.

Parent has the obligation to announce the institution’s management the withdrawal of the child, at least 30 days ahead. School fees are not reimbursable and shall not be used for another period then the one paid for. Exception: the amount not used of the school fees is reimbursed when the child does not adjust following the four week adjustment period. School fees shall be recalculated on a per-month basis, in case of whithdrawal ahead of school-year end.

Parent is responsible for informing the institution about child’s allergies and/or food intolerances. The institution undertakes to follow parent’s instructions.

Daily menu consists of: breakfast 4 lei, morning snack 2 lei, lunch 11 lei, afternoon snack 3 lei. Price of food is separate from the school fees. Cost of food may be unilaterally changed by the food supplier.

Fee changes:
Institution may change the fees during the school year if: changes in legislation lead to an increase in expenses (e.g. changes in salary legislation, changes in social contributions, changes in value of utilities, changes in value of taxes); an increase in value of euro over 5.0 lei.

Confidentiality :
Children data are confidential .
The institution may take photos and may record activities. The institution may use these photos/ recordings for promotion purposes, without making public the identity of the children.

GDPR – protection of private data:
By accepting the terms and conditions, the parent agrees that personal data of the child and of the parents’ is collected. This data may lead directly or indirectly to his or child’s identification. By filling in and submitting the enrollment forms, the beneficiary agrees that the institution uses the data for the purpose of completing the services, keeping records as well as for promotion activities.