Building the foundations

We help the child develop fundamental life skills: observe and reason, have things in order at his workplace as well as in his mind, communicate openly and directly, interact with respect towards the others, follow hygiene rules.

Personalized education

Each child has a different personality, with his own emotions and interests.
We pay attention to each child’s individual needs.
We observe each child’s progress and adapt the learning process accordingly. We personalize the education process.
We offer care and love to each child.

Objective Awareness

At iKids, we help the child acquire the ability to objectively appreciate his own results.
The child learns to appreciate his performance objectively, based on his own senses and judgement. By using auto-corrective materials, the child realizes on his own if he’s made a mistake and can auto-correct himself. This way, the child develops an objective judgment. He will not need a teacher’s confirmation or his peers’ praise as insurance that he did well.
He will be able to assess his performance objectively, on his own.

No marks

Humans struggle to understand the world around, because we instinctively realize this helps us survive.
Our natural will to explore and apprehend knowledge is fueled by the desire to make the most of the world for our own use, not by marks or peers’ appreciation.
The child doesn’t expect candy for learning how to walk.
The result of use of unnatural motivation, such as grades, is that the child becomes insecure, expecting approval or appreciation from outside.